Land Pooling Policy

Make a Smart choice with a home for the future

Every individual needs a home for living life in complete peace and purity. However, the ever-increasing population has made it compulsory for development firms to come up with affordable housing units so that the extra population can be accommodated in these structures. Population of India is expected to go beyond the eight million mark by the year 2021. It is only for serving the sole objective of accommodating people in affordable homes that the MPD 2021 or Master Plan Delhi 2021 has been brought into effect. Under this plan, affordably-priced housing units are being specifically designed for the purpose of offering world-class and superior quality homes to the people of Delhi. There have been strong steps taken by DDA or Delhi Development Authority towards coming up with a solution for the housing requirements of the ever-growing population of Delhi in coordination with Master Plan Delhi 2021. The DDA and the state and central governments have amalgamated or come together with the objective of duly implementing the MPD 2021 which would further help in serving the objective of providing comfortable and well-designed homes to Delhi residents.

Perfect Living Space:

The Delhi development Authority or DDA came into being in the year 1957 with the sole motive of taking care of the housing requirements of the growing population of Delhi. This authority was also brought to the forefront for serving the intention of developing brand new residential units that speak of world class facilities and amenities. DDA is the authority that takes good care of the exterior development of residential homes in Delhi in the most secure and safe way while the interiors are taken care of by the private property development companies. The land pooling policy also makes way for the development of these units in Delhi mainly due to the fact that Delhi is the hot spot for political activities, businesses and college education in India. It is under land pooling policy that the property developers are bringing up the residential units mainly for making it easier for the middle-income group people and even the low income group individuals to possess homes that they can call their own in Delhi.

Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Its Significant Features:

The main objective behind the implementation of Master Plan Delhi 2021 is covering the demand for residential units in Delhi. MPD 2021 seeks to provide around 24 lakh residential units to approximately two million people in the national capital. People will be able to possess their own homes under LPP or land pooling policy with the property development firms offering these units within an affordable range. The entire work procedure of MPD 2021 and land pooling policy would actually solve the accommodation problems of Delhi people.

One of the greatest issues faced in these present times is meeting the accommodation requirements of the growing population. Authorities are not able to develop housing units that safeguard the dreams of safe and high quality living of the people of Delhi. Experts suggest that there is around 24, 000 hectares of land yet to be developed in the form of a housing solution under Master Plan Delhi 2021. Developing housing apartments of superior quality and world class amenities on this land would easily help in doping away with the issue of accommodation space for the people of Delhi. The land pooling policy has the capacity of developing approximately four million square feet of commercial, residential and public property. Under this policy, proper development firms will also get the ability of developing around 1 million homes in ten years.

Structure of the Land Pooling Policy:

According to principles, the owners of PE and DE property are eligible to acquire help available from LPP. The basic rules framed in support of the implementation and the framework of Master Plan Delhi 2021 are aimed towards completely changing Delhi into a top quality metropolitan. The Diamond Multi State CGHS serves in the form of a leader in working on property development assignments of the most superior quality throughout the national capital. The objective served here is setting up the right environment and infrastructure for helping people in leading high standard and highly comfortable lives.

The Advantages of Master Plan Delhi 2021:

The property development companies operating in Delhi now have the obligation of coming up with residential and commercial complexes under MPD 2021. The DDA has clearly pointed out the property development assignment policies and the plans for different activities like residential township, commercial corridor and group housing. One of the most important parts of MPD 2021 are the retail and commercial undertakings. If reports are to be believed, around twenty lakh residential units will be developed in varied zones. The main objective behind the implementation of MPD 2021 is the development of a wide assortment of job scopes for Delhi people. Property development companies have been offered the flexibility of obtaining land for developing commercial and residential properties from farmers. This has been possible because of the land pooling policy that has been framed by Delhi Development Authority. By way of the Land Pooling Policy, pooled land shall be used effectively for the purpose of social and physical infrastructure development.